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Intentions for your service, promote industry progress

Ningbo Xinzhiyuan Chemical Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful port city - Zhejiang province Zhenhai District of Ningbo City, specialized in chemical industry for
16 years, mainly engaged in the import of domestic organic and inorganic chemical raw materials, chemical reagents, dyes and auxiliaries and laboratory
equipment, glassware, weighing, adhesive, operating range, adequate inventory. In 2017, the company set up sales, processing and production as one (Ningbo
source, plentiful and new materials Co., Ltd.).
Idea: the company is adhering to the "customer centered" concept, with small profits but quick turnover business mode, quality assurance, and dedicated to
provide efficient, perfect pre-sale, sale and after-sales services.


Cooperation: Ningbo new source Chemical Co., Ltd. has formed a long-term cooperative relationship with well-known domestic manufacturers through joint,
agency and distribution. I also served as sodium nitrite Huaqiang, sodium nitrate products, general agent of Tiangong brand protopine in Ningbo area. Our
company specializes in the import of domestic organic and inorganic chemical raw materials, chemical reagents, dyestuff auxiliaries, experimental instruments,
glass instruments, weighing instruments, adhesives and so on. Our products are well stocked and well stocked.


Team: Ningbo Xinzhiyuan Chemical Co. Ltd brought together the industry elite, pay attention to the introduction of talent, adhere to the advanced human resource
management idea, open up more channels to attract talented talents, efforts to create the environment of talent shows itself. The company emphasizes the joint
development of employees and enterprises, advocating "harmonious, transposition thinking, active, professional and competitive" culture, focusing on humanistic
care and truly people-oriented.

Ningbo Xinzhiyuan chemical consists of: general manager, marketing department, financial department, business department, sales department, transportation
business team, we will be full of enthusiasm, and thoughtful service, the classic innovation, we together to create a better tomorrow.
The new source warmly welcome the new and old customers to call letters!

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